Hair Transplant

Simply we can describe, the human body is the result of a combination of complex structures and in daily, social life, the most striking and the most eye-catching part of the human body, we can say, is hair. To have dense, live and shiny hair in first appearence is importatnt as much as your knowledge.


Hair basically composed of keratin molecules which connected to each other with sulfur bridges. In any kinf of change of your hair those sulfur bridges are broken and this can show the changes of the hair. The fundemental nutrition source of hair is the proteins.


Same as a human body, hairs are born, live and die. This process happens very quickly and we can not notice in daily life.


When the die of hairs reach big quantity, can cause at the biginning a partial and later larger size of baldness.


Today many people might see the problem of hair loss and baldness. The reasons behind this can come from many different areas such as genetic predispositions, physiological and psychological problems and at the end can cause annoying levels for a persons daily social life.


Permanently to solve all those problems the first studies started around 1940s. In 1970s regulations transplant is published and in 1998 explained in the articles the posibilty of follicular unit transplantation.


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