Brow Transplantation

Brow transplantation is very hard according to the hairtransplant operations .Because of the center of the face we must give more care for eyebrows.It s a transplantation like we make in the hairs.The hair roots being taken from the donor area(between 2 ears) transplanted to the eyebrows.This operation will take about 3-4 hours. After cooling period for a few days transplanted brows start to grow in a few months.Eyebrows are persistent.Finally in a few months you will gain your natural eyebrows.

Luckily  brow transplantation can be done .In conclusion we can reach our eyebrows again and we can turn back to our natural look.We understand when we loss a few part or all of them their importance.Sunlight disturb us  and the dust impact our eyes when we lost them.Eyebrows prevent our eyes and also they are very important for our face aesthetic.


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