Hair Examination

FFHow to Make Hair Examination and Analysis?

It’s basically start having physician examination and diagnostic. The process of examination begins with the anamnesis of the patient, means the physician investigate if the patient had any health problems or illnesses before. Also it’s examined the quantity of hair loss, type and colour.The transplant area and the donor area are evaluated and with expectations of the patient the physician can make the planning. 
If you think to make hair transplantation, It must start with examination of hair and hair scalp.

Analysis and examination stages are as follows:

  • First It’s checked the density and characteristics of the hair and then examination of the hair sclap. Tension of the hair scalp is an important criterion to be used for transplantation.
  • According to results of your analysis and examination the physician tells whether you are suitable for hair transplantation. In the absence of commonly used methods are appropriate, alternative methods are recommended.
  • According to your hair density, type and hair scalp, the doctor make a detailed consultants about the methods and the transplant stages.
  • The patient will be informed about the area of hair transplant, the size of the area, duration of treatment and the care after operation.


To have the best results of the transplantation, analysis and examination are two important stage of hair transplant. 


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