DHI Injection Hairtransplant

DHI Injection Hairtransplant

Nowadays hairtransplantation research has been developing very quickly. DHI hairtransplantation method is one of these developments. As Arthospita clinic we are also closely monitoring the evolving methods of hair transplantation in the world, and our team is developing itself with domestic and international trainings. For 4 years our clinic has been making hairtransplant operations with DHI hairtransplantation method. 

In DHI method the roots taken from hair ,chest and beard have been taken with the FUE needle in custom-made 0.5 to 0.7 mm in diameter of the hair beard, known as hair transplantation pen, Choi (Hair Pen) to be placed inside the needle and direct, untouched, to be plantation skin. It is the method which made under the plantation method giving the desired direction. In DHI method of hair transplantation hair, certainly not bleeding because hair roots are directly placed with hair pen and next day washing process can be done. In a short period of one week healing will be finished completely. DHI method is highly recommended for high density hairtransplant ,beard and eyebrow transplant. 

 Because of the high competition in the plantation, hairtransplant companies which make advertising on the internet using ‘DHI method hairtransplant’ words but in reality they re making FUE method . 

Differences Between FUE and DHI Methods

• In fue method 30 hair roots can be put in 1 square cm .In 
• DHI method we can put 75-100 hair roots in 1 square cm.
• In fue method before transplantation after opening channels there will be bleedy. In DHI method the rate of hair grow % 10 more than FUE method because of less bleed. In DHI method with Hair Pen we re transplanting the hair roots directly under the skin and it draws to higher success rate.

Advantages of DHI Method :

• No cutting
• No sutures
• The facility of extracting from beard and chest hair
• No shaving in ladies DHI hairtransplantation process 
• No bleeding
• The possibility of transplanting more hair roots
• More natural appearance after DHI method transplantation
• The possibility of chosing the hair direction
• More graft numbers
• Quicker healing process
• No waiting time between the sessions

Disadvantages of DHI Method:

• High price because of the Hair Pen used for transplantation is imported goods


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