Transplant Methods

The most advanced methods of hair transplantation are Follicular Unit Transplantation (shortly FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (shortly FUE) and Choi.

The first studies about those methods are started around 1939 and today all are on the top point.

The both method are sharing to remove the follicular units from the high density area to the bald area. Called donor area to the place where you can find the high density and stable hair and hair roots.This area is very important for transplantation. The follicular units are taken from donor area in both methods.

On the FUT method the units are taken by 10x3 cm. cut line from the donor area. On FUE method no need to make any cutting; the units are taken one by one from donor area and transplant to decided area with some special micro techniques.

To have the best results of hair transplantations It’s very important to have proper hospital conditions, physicians and after the operation keep doing what your doctor said.

  • FUT Method

It is the classical hair transplant technique. On this method the units are taken by 10x3 cm cut line from the donor area and transplant the roots or micrografts one by one  to the bald area of the scalp. After having the units as a line from donor area, 8 or 9 cm scar line can left.

With this technique, about 5000 or 6000 strands (1400- 1700 grafts) can be transplanted.FUE is preferred instead of FUT because FUT is the older, outdated method and leaves a scar.

  • FUE Method

It is the modern and more popular hair transplant technique. On FUE method the units are taken one by one with their root from the donor area with a special tool called micromotor. Because of using micromotors, no bistoury is used in the donor area, no suture is placed on this region and no visible scar is left on the points where the roots are taken.

The roots transplant into the canals after making all calculations of the size of canal according to grafts.

With FUE method It is possible to transplant 1500 – 4500 grafts, means around 3500 – 10000 strand.


  • CHOI Implanter

The CHOI Implanter Technique is used by select hair transplantation centers throughout the world. It requires extensive experience. The same before and after care which is applied in FUE transplantation is also applied in the Choi technique.

A high number of grafts cannot be transplanted with this technique. The number varies between 1500 and 2000 but this can be achieved after 3 consecutive days.


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