Dr.Ali Karahan tells FUE method hairtransplantation

You can send your pictures to ArtHospita via mobile or e-mail.After sending you can learn about your hairtransplant analysis.With your hairtransplant analysis you will get information about our services.

To make the operation on the date you planned please inform us before 1 week-10 days. After you send us your ticket ,we booked your operation date ,set your airport transfers and other details.

Our driver will wait in the airport with your name ,and after picking up you your doctor consultations are being made.


On the operation day doctor will plan your hairtransplant operation.Process is basicly like that:

  • Shaving your hair with general sedation you will get relax and have the operation comfly.
  • Giving local anesthesia to the extraction area.
  • Using FUE technique using micromotor device we extract grafts from your donor area.
  • This process takes 1,5-2 hours.
  • After extraction finishes you will break to rest for 20 minutes.And you will eat a snack.
Opening Channels
  • For transplanted areas doctor opens channels to put the grafts in.
  • Channel numbers will be the same as grafts numbers.
  • This process takes 1,5-2 hours.
  • Taken grafts will transplanted to channels.
  • This process takes 1,5-2 hours.

After the operation we will give you lotion,shampoo ,medicines and we will give you instructions. The day after the operation we will remove your bandage and make your control.

It s normal that transplanted hair can fall.The hairs will grow after falling.But in some of our patients the transplanted hair dont fall. After 10 days of the operation please send us your pictures via whatsup or e-mail.Our doctor will evaluate the results. 

Do not decide to make hairtransplant before taking consultation from Dr.Ali Karahan .


Teilen Sie uns Ihre Kontaktdaten mit, um Ihnen in kurzer Zeit detaillierte Informationen zu geben. Arztkonsultation möchte so schnell wie möglich an Sie weitergeleitet werden